Welcome to Ninjitsu Ryu, school of Ninjutsu, located in Goodwood, Observatory and Brackenfell. Ninjutsu is an effective martial art, that trains you to be combat ready in a short space of time. Our Ninjutsu training consists of  both unarmed and armed combat. We teach awareness first and foremost - rather avoid the situation. However, if you find yourself in a situation, we will teach you how to survive it, and protect the people around you.

  • Awareness

  • Survival

  • Protection

As a student, you begin your Ninjutsu training with unarmed combat. First learning to "walk", being taught how to move around your opponent, and deflect basic attacks. Once you have mastered movements and deflections,  you will be taught various target areas on the body. These relate to pressure points, organs, muscles and joints. At this time you are also instructed on how to attack the target areas, maximising the effect of each strike.

You have now been with Ninjitsu Ryu for approximately 8 months. At this stage you are able to protect yourself against most untrained attackers on the streets. Moving along into your next phase of training, you will be mastering how to destabilise your attacker and take them to the ground. You will also be trained and tested against multiple attackers. In this level you are introduced to your first weapons.

Twelve months into your Ninjutsu training and you have attended class regularly and trained hard. You move into the realm of locks, holds and basic ground work. You will combine what has been taught to you, and successfully escape from various holds, and execute painful locks upon your attackers. At this stage you should be fully competent in unarmed combat, and will start focusing on various weapons, how to use them, and disarm them from attackers.


Here is a basic overview of the Ninjitsu Ryu Syllabi

9th Kyu

Deflections, Body Movement and Posture

8th Kyu

Atemi Jitsu, Striking, Kicking, Taiso, Combinations

7th Kyu

Take Downs, Stealth, Multiple Attacks, Kubatan, Jawara Sticks

6th Kyu

Ground Work, Locks, Escape From Holds

5th Kyu

Sho-Bo, Kali Sticks

4th Kyu

Knife Work  (Multiple Knife Variations), Shurikan, Kukri

3rd Kyu

Jo / Bo

2nd Kyu

Tonfa, Kama

1st Kyu

Belt, Nunchuku

1st Dan

Single Hand Fighting, Sword, Firearms, Teaching


What does a typical Ninjitsu Ryu class entail?

The first fifteen minutes is dedicated cardio, flexibility, and body conditioning. The remaining time is dedicated to the students specific Kyu.

 How do Ninjitsu Ryu students advance through the ranks?

You will be required to attain a certain amount of hours of training, before you become eligible for a grading. During this time your progress will be monitored by the Sensei, and based on your performance, your name will be put forward for grading.

What is expected of me during a grading?

We expect each student to display passion and energy in each of the questions and techniques asked. You will be on the grading floor from the start of the grading, until you complete the kyu level you are grading for.

What is a Sensei?

In Ninjitsu Ryu a Sensei is a  person who has achieved their black belt. At Ninjitsu Ryu, part of our training requirement to attain a black belt, is to learn how to teach. One of the best ways of mastering a technique is to teach it. 4th to 5th Dan (Yodansha) has a title of Renshi.

Can a Sensei grade me by themselves?

A Sensei may grade you between 9th and 4th Kyu on their own, based on hours and skill. Two Sensei are required to grade a student between the levels of 3rd Kyu to 1st Dan, the student will be required to attend a full day grading, and be judged by a panel of Sensei.

First Aid

Each Dojo has a first aid kit.


Is there a minimum age to join?

We have set the minimum age at 7 years old. However, we may be willing to make exceptions after an interview. Students between the ages of 7 - 12 will have their own syllabus.

What are the fees to join Ninjitsu Ryu

There is a once off Joining fee of R150, included in the Joining fee is a file with your first syllabus and a belt for your first level. The monthly membership fee is R300 in advance per month. First payment would be R450, thereafter R300 per month. Grading fees are R100.

What should I wear to class?

The dojo dress code is black tracksuit and comfortable t-shirt.
After your first successful grading, you should wear black pants / black gi, black t-shirt, tabi's / tekkies and a belt, with applicable stripes.

Where do I get clothing and/or training equipment?

These may be acquired through the dojo you will be training at, either Goodwood, Observatory or Brackenfell.


Where can I train Ninjutsu Martial Arts in Cape Town?

Ninjitsu Ryu have three dojo's in the Cape Town area: Goodwood, Observatory and Brackenfell.  

Certified Ninjitsu Ryu Black Belts

Philip Henn - 4th Dan  Renshi (Senior Instructor)

Sean Ceronio - 1st Dan Sensei (Instructor)

Johannes Frieslaar - 1st Dan Sensei (Instructor)

Travis Harvey - 1st Dan Sensei

Devan Feyt - 1st Dan Sensei

Steven Clayton - 1st Dan Sensei

Jihan Yasin - 1st Dan Sensei

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Ninjutsu Cape Town, Goodwood

President Voortrekker Kommando Hall

De Wet Street

Renshi: Philip Henn

Contact details:
E-mail: Renshi Philip
Mobile: 081 354 0980

Training times: Monday & Wednesday

19h15 to 20h45


Ninjutsu Cape Town City Observatory

Room 2, in the Observatory Community Centre

Rawson Street

Renshi: Philip Henn

Contact details:
Renshi Philip
Mobile: 081 354 0980

Training times: Tuesday & Thursday

19h15 to 20h45

Ninjutsu Cape Town, Brackenfell

NG Church Brackenfell Pastorie rd

This Dojo is located on the grounds, through the big gates, within the parking area. Towards the back on the left.

Renshi: Philip Henn

Contact details:
Renshi Philip
Mobile: 081 354 0980

Training times: Monday & Wednesday

18h30 to 20h00

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